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There are a large number of suppliers offering software solutions for small to medium sized businesses. We are happy to recommend the right product for your business, as well as providing you with comprehensive training. We've included some info below on the main software products we recommend.


Accomplish Cash Manager
Cash Manager
MYOB Cashbook

IMS Payroll
Ace Payroll

Accomplish Cash Manager

Want to keep track of your business cashflow, but you're finding conventional accounting packages too complicated? Do you feel intimidated by terms like accruals, capital reserves, accumulated depreciation and non-current liabilities?

Or are you having difficulty in presenting your books to your accountant in a suitable format - which they can import into their computer and therefore get the job done quicker?

Then CashManager is the answer.

CashManager is a cashbook package (with an optional integrated customer/supplier invoicing add-on module) ideal for any type of small business.

Because the standard version of CashManager isn't a full general ledger system (but still accumulates data in a double entry form behind the scenes), it is the ideal package for small business operators who don't have an in-depth understanding of double entry bookkeeping. Data entry screens are intuitive and have been designed for maximum efficiency. Reports are cashflow-based, and therefore easily understood by non-accountants.

CashManager is the sort of package that many accountants want their small business clients to use. This is because they are guaranteed of receiving usable reports or data disks at the end of the year.

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Cash Manager Rural

Cash Manager Rural was developed by active and successful farmers and today is used by people in all types of rural business - dairy, beef and sheep, cropping, deer, ostriches and emus,viticulture, orcharding, and more besides.

Key features of Cash Manager Rural:

  • Standard Windows operating system
  • Easy to set up - Easy to use
  • Looks like cashbook
  • Double entry system
  • GST returns
  • Detailed budgeting
  • Flexible Financial reporting
  • Livestock / Cropping reconciliation
  • Simple invoicing
  • Enterprise analysis
  • And it's fast!

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MYOB Cashbook

MYOB Cashbook is designed to be efficient, flexible and simple to use, so you can spend less time at your computer and more time focusing on your business!

MYOB Cashbook is a fully featured, user-friendly Windows program that is great for businesses that just need a basic accounting program that links with both their bank and their accountant

Add as many separate cashbooks as you like, along with GST and cash flow reporting, import transactions directly from your Internet banking, integrated linking with your accountant (using MYOB Accountants Office).

  • Easy to use
  • Seamless integration with MYOB Accountants Office
  • Simple cash flow reporting
  • Fast GST reports

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IMS Payroll Partner

Suitable for any business that needs these features: 

  • Permanent transactions which reduce data entry each pay period
  • Computerised tracking of leave - including Annual, Sick and Time in Lieu
  • Optional costing of employee pays to an unlimited number of cost centres
  • Analyses costing statistics via a variety of reports
  • Comprehensive on-line help screens that change as you work
  • Electronic Direct Crediting to all major NZ Banks
  • Free format notes against each employee
  • Pay history recorded for all employees
  • Regular upgrades - new versions incorporate tax and other legislative changes, plus enhancements users have requested
  • Unlimited help desk support

Company Controls lets you setup payments, deductions, costing codes, pay points and company details.

Employee Information includes standard personnel details, payments, leave, notes, permanent transactions, totals and history.

Payroll Processing contains nine easy steps from opening a new pay period through to closing it.

Reports include:
Costing Summary, Annual Leave Valuation, Pay Slips, Department of Statistics, Company Payroll Summary, Employment Service, Leave Reporting, Deduction Schedules, IRD Reports (IR345/IR346/IR348), Trial Balance, Employee Payroll Summary, Costing Employee Detail

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Ace Payroll

Payroll ProcessingAce gives employers complete control over their payroll with remote access tools and Web-based processing. Of course, Ace also accommodates payroll submissions by more traditional methods, like phone and fax. Whatever method you choose, Ace will set up your payroll according to your exact business needs and assign a professional payroll specialist who will be your guide through the entire process.

Tax ServicesAce offers a comprehensive and fully integrated package of tax services that will meet all your filing, reporting, and payment needs while protecting you from unnecessary penalties.

  • Calculates all federal, state, and local payroll taxes
  • Makes employer and employee tax payments
  • Files all returns

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